Camel Ryo Classic 10 x 57,5gr.Carton of 10 pouches


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Camel Ryo Classic 10 x 57,5gr

The Daiya Blueberry Greek Yogurt Alternative makes for a delicious and healthy on-the-go snack. Made with coconut cream, this yogurt alternative has a creamy, velvety texture. The tangy flavor of blueberries makes this coconut cream yogurt a hit among kids and adults alike. Each pack of yogurt contains up to six grams of plant-based protein. Ideal for day-care centers, salad bars, and food trucks, the Daiya yogurt alternative bulk case includes 12 packs.

Yogurt Alternative

  • Ready-to-eat, blueberry-flavored Greek yogurt alternative
  • Contains coconut
  • 0 g trans fat
  • Dairy, soy, and gluten free
  • Kosher certified
  • 5.3 oz. (150 g) each
  • 12 packs per case

Dairy-free gluten-free, soy free and plant based yogurts

Daiya Foods was founded in 2008 out of a love for food and a commitment to healthy living. Today, as an industry leader, Daiya remains passionate about celebrating delicious food that is dairy, gluten and soy free. Its line of premium plant-based foods, like Greek Yogurt Alternative, Pizzas, Cheezecakes, Cream Cheese Style Spreads and wonderful cheese alternatives, including Blocks, Shreds and Slices, are available in the dairy case and freezer aisle. Daiya recently expanded its offerings to include shelf-stable products like its Cheezy Macs and Dressings. Daiya’ selection of deliciously dairy-free foods can be found in more than 22,000 grocery stores in the US. For more information about Daiya, please visit, become a fan on Facebook or follow us on Twitter and Instagram.

Preparation type: READY TO EAT

Preparation instructions: ready to eat Daiya Peach Greek Yogurt Alternative Dairy-free gluten-free, soy-free and plant based cheeses

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